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Jumbo Box Braids

Kr. 500

Afro Hair Straightening / Retouching

Kr. 250

African Cornrows / Ghana-Weaving.

Kr. 600

JESSICA SOTOLOVA-AJAY Owner and Hairdresser

 Jessica was a trained hairdresser in her native Nigeria before meeting her husband and moving to the Czech Republic with him. While in the Czech Republic, she decided to expand her hairdressing skills by enrolling in a hairdressing business school, where she represented her school in many competitions, winning 1st or 2nd prizes. She graduated as the second best student from the class of 2018 and obtained a professional certificate in the hairdressing field, which corresponds to the Danish 4 year hairdressing certificate. Immediately after graduation, she got a job in one of the largest hair salons in the country until her husband got a job in Denmark, and she moved with him in December 2018. In July 2019, she decided to set up a salon in her home where she can work and manage her home as it has always been her dream. Her mission makes hairdressing services affordable for everyone.

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